NZ Election 2020: Mark Richardson reveals he's thinking about voting Labour

The AM Show host Mark Richardson has revealed who he might vote for this election - and it comes as a shock.

With Labour well-ahead in the polls, the well-known National supporter appeared on The Project on Wednesday night where he made a frank admission.

"I've got a real conundrum and I'm confused," Richardson said. "I'm actually thinking about voting Labour."

His admission came with an audible gasp of disbelief from The Project cohost Kanoa Lloyd.

"The reason I'm doing this is because I've almost conceded defeat to Labour and I can handle them governing alone," Richardson explained.

"If you are a centre-right voter right now, you're going 'look, I don't think even with a little bit of tide moving towards National and ACT it's not going to be enough, I think, to stop Labour getting back into Government'.

"But the stronger the right gets right now, the more it brings the Green Party back into the picture.

"So in a weird way if National grow their party vote and Labour are forced to govern with the Greens, you end up with a more left-liberal Government than Labour governing alone. That is a real conundrum for a right-centre voter right now."

"So you're going to vote for Labour and lose your inheritance," The Project host Jesse Mulligan replied. "Look forward to that."