Private investigator reveals the weirdest case he's ever cracked

A private investigator has revealed the weirdest case he's ever cracked.

Ron McQuilter arrived in New Zealand from Glasgow in 1983. He has been working as a private investigator for over 40 years.

Speaking to The Project on Tuesday, Mcquilter revealed his weirdest case, which involved a plastic container with a pubic hair in it.

"You don't get much weirder than a barrister coming to you with a plastic container with a pubic hair in it and asking me to find out who's bonking his missus," he said.

"And what did you say to him?" The Project host Antonia Prebble asked.

"No - we found him," he replied, "I did my job."

McQuilter has been involved with many high profile investigations over the years.

He personally undertook the cold case of Kiwi Lee Sheppard who went missing in London in 2003.

Sheppard, 23, was last seen at the EMR recycling plant in North London where he worked as a supervisor. His body was never found.

Metropolitan Police investigation failed to produce any evidence, but three years later, McQuilter was approached by a documentary maker to investigate the missing person.

A reinvestigation concluded Sheppard died inside the plant's recycling machine and suggested the company may have tried to cover it up.

Eight years after the disappearance, it was confirmed he died from asphyxiation while working for the recycling plant.

This case is just one in a number of mysteries he has revealed in his new book spanning nearly 40 years of his career. 

'Busted! Stories from New Zealand's leading private investigator' will be out from October 26.