Shocking moment Christchurch woman kicks, spits on bus passenger after hurling out racist abuse

Two Christchurch bus passengers were allegedly subjected to verbal and physical abuse from a fellow rider on Saturday afternoon. 

University student Gordon Huang says the incident happened when the driver stopped the bus to have a rest break.

Huang, of Chinese descent, says a woman, out of nowhere, then began to fire racist remarks at him and another Chinese man also on the bus.

"The other Chinese guy didn't hear that clearly so said 'pardon?'" Huang said. "The lady then said again, 'are you Chinese? You look like Chinese people - I just want you to know that New Zealand does not welcome Chinese people.'"

Huang said he responded by telling the woman he was "refusing to listen" to her words.

But the woman wouldn't let up and continued to hurl racist remarks, Huang said.

When the driver returned to the bus from his break, Huang said he explained what had taken place. He said the driver asked the woman to calm down.

The only other person on the bus, a teenage girl, then interjected, telling the woman to "stop being racist", Huang said.

He said he the woman then lurched towards the young girl. It was at this point Huang began to record the incident.

In the video posted on Facebook, the woman can be seen yelling at the driver and kicking Huang's leg and spitting on him. He said he was shaken after the ordeal but appreciated how all the other passengers stood up for him.

"I hope we can have more love rather than hate, especially as we have already been through a lot this year," he said.

Environment Canterbury, which operates Christchurch's bus services, was contacted on Sunday but said it had no comment at this stage. Newshub has asked police if the alleged attack was reported.