Some water restrictions ease for drought-stricken Auckland

Auckland dam levels are below where they should be.
Auckland dam levels are below where they should be. Photo credit: File

Some water restrictions have eased in Auckland but authorities are urging people to be cautious as the city is still in the grips of a shortage.

From Monday commercial water users will be able to use a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle - regular hoses can be used in situations where there is a health, safety or biosecurity reason. 

Car washes will operate, and sports fields can be watered using irrigation systems fitted with soil moisture sensors.

For the regular Aucklander, it's business as usual - all restrictions will apply until the Auckland council reviews them in December.  That means no hoses, no car washing and no watering the garden.

A statement from Watercare stressed that the city is very much still in drought. 

"The total volume of water stored in our dams is still below normal for this time of year, so it’s important that residents and businesses continue to use water wisely."

Residential water users are urged to conserve their use by at least 20 litres every day, while commercial users are asked to reduce their use by at least 10 percent when compared to the previous year.