University of Auckland apologises for spelling 'Māori' wrong on graduate's degree

The 'a' in Māori was replaced with a hash.
The 'a' in Māori was replaced with a hash. Photo credit: File Image / Twitter

The University of Auckland has apologised for making a hugely obvious typo in the word 'Māori' on the digital version of a woman's degree.

She posted an image of the PDF version of her Bachelor of Arts in Māori Studies to Twitter on Friday, showcasing the blunder that resulted in the word 'Māori' being spelt 'M#ori.'

The 'a' in Māori - which is supposed to have a macron - had been replaced with a hash.

Twitter users took guesses at what went wrong

"Possibly a genuine attempt to actually use macrons correctly that went horribly wrong. But yeah, embarrassing," one user said. 

The university responded to her tweet apologising, blaming an external supplier.

"We apologise for this and thank you for bringing it to our attention," the university said.

"A technical problem with the macron by an external supplier has resulted in this error in the digital copies of certificates uploaded to the cloud-based website. All printed copies are individually checked."

The university apologised via Twitter.
The university apologised via Twitter. Photo credit: Twitter - @AucklandUni

One Twitter user responded explaining they have experienced similar issues with their Māori studies degrees.

"My degrees don't even have macrons either like y'all had one job, it's not that hard to get it right."

Some took the chance to voice their opinions towards the University of Auckland.

"University of Auckland has more respect for Latin than Māori."

"Exactly what I've come to expect from the University of Auckland."

Many University of Auckland students are receiving their degrees in PDF format due to COVID-19 restrictions pushing back graduation ceremonies.