Canterbury 'panther' spotted in forest, terror ensues

Canterbury's infamous cryptid has resurfaced - the large black cat-like creature has been spotted in the Hanmer Springs Heritage Forest again.

Mountaineer Mark Inglis and videographer Kyle Mulinder, also known as Bare Kiwi, were in the forest on Friday afternoon when they spotted the cat on the trail ahead of them.

"It was about 50 metres away, strolling in the other direction but it sat down, turned and looked into my soul," said Mulinder.

"It was a very emotional experience - I was fearing for my life."

He says it was about the size of a large house cat - which he claims means it was probably a panther cub, not a fully grown panther.

Mulinder did manage to capture the cat on camera - but credits the poor footage quality to him being "shaking and scared". 

Inglis says he won't enter the forest after dark anymore - despite the encounter happening in broad daylight.

Hurunui Tourism marketing manager Shane Adcock says he is certain the forest is still safe to visit.

"The footage is pretty poor so it is hard to ascertain whether it is a feline or a walking blob," he said.

"But to be safe, we've alerted local police and will consider whether to nominate Bare Kiwi and Mark Inglis for a bravery award."