Community raises more than $300,000 to help Auckland girl with aggressive cancer get to Spain for potentially life-saving treatment

Donations are pouring in for a sick seven-year-old girl who desperately needs treatment in Spain.

Hollie Beattie was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a very aggressive form of cancer when she was just five years old. 

Her mum Jo says although Hollie was declared cancer-free four months ago, it didn't last long.

"Unfortunately, the last scan showed the tumour cells had spread to the fluid around her brain, so we had to jump back into action, and three-weeks-ago she had a brain tumour removed," Jo told The AM Show on Thursday.

"She's doing so well but we now have to find a way of making sure that doesn't keep happening, and there is no treatment for that cure in New Zealand at the moment.

"The number of children with neuroblastoma is fairly small in our country so they do rely on quite a lot of goodwill from overseas."

A Givealittle page for Hollie had raised more than $306,000 as of Thursday morning. Jo said the overseas treatment, which costs about $400,000 is the only option they have.  

"It's the only hope that we have now - going to Spain is the most accessible and by far the most affordable.

"It would just be one less thing to worry about - we just have to make sure we can get there.

"We've got everyone trying to help and do their best to donate - hopefully we'll get there."

So far, 4431 people have donated to Hollie's cause. 

"Hollie is incredible, her resilience is awe-inspiring and her courage is unfathomable," the Givealittle page says.

"She is always the first to offer out cuddles of love and smiles of happiness, regardless of what she has been going through, and she has been through a lot.

"The family is strong, but the future is still somewhat uncertain for them, and that is where we come in."

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