COVID-19: Nine imported new coronavirus cases

No cases were detected in the community.
No cases were detected in the community. Photo credit: Getty

There are nine new cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand on Sunday, all of which were acquired overseas and detected in managed isolation facilities (MIQ), the Ministry of Health announced.

No coronavirus cases were detected in the community.

The latest imported cases arrived in New Zealand from France, the Netherlands, Dubai, the US, the UK, Bangladesh, Spain and Italy between November 14 and 19.

Another person has recovered from COVID-19 since Saturday, taking New Zealand's total active cases to 50.

The country's total number of confirmed infections is 1672.

On Saturday, laboratories processed 6504 tests, bringing total testing numbers to 1,230,901.

November quarantine cluster

A border worker who on Saturday was announced as infected with COVID-19 has been directly linked to the November cluster, the Ministry of Health says.

"We can report that genome sequencing of Case F reported yesterday [Saturday] has confirmed a direct link to the November quarantine cluster," the Ministry of Health says.

"Case F has been isolating since November 7 as a close contact of Case B."

The cluster started after Case A - a New Zealand Defence Force worker - contracted coronavirus while stationed at the Auckland quarantine facility earlier this month.

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield.
Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield. Photo credit: The AM Show

"We have the best chance of staying ahead of COVID-19 if everyone who becomes unwell with cold or flu-like symptoms stays at home and seeks a test quickly, and all New Zealanders are keeping track of where they've been and who they've seen," the Ministry says.

"The Ministry continues to encourage anyone who visited a location of interest during the relevant time period for the November cluster to get tested,  to ensure we can quickly identify anyone who may have been infected."