Duncan Garner: Appalling no one was held to account for Pike River disaster

OPINION: So much has already been said about Pike River that we all risk repeating ourselves on this very sad 10-year anniversary. So, I'll keep this short and to the point.

From the day they started working on that mine, the miners' fates were sealed. 

Pike River was always a ticking time bomb, a disaster waiting to happen. 

Dozens of warnings were ignored in the weeks leading up to the explosion. Health and safety was buried under the pressures of everything else. 

The prize seemed to be to get $8b of coking grade coal out to market seemingly at any cost. 

The mine was beset with problems and delays and that just heaped more pressure on the miners the day it went boom. 

They shouldn't have been in that mine. This the truth. 

The Aussies came and saw it and grown men wept at the dysfunction and design. 

We sent 29 men to their deaths that morning and no one person or company or Government department has in any way put up their hand and taken responsibility or been held to account.

I find it appalling that a piece of law can't be found to take those responsible to court. 

The Government of the day wanted to seal the mine.

Now, $50 million later, there are still few answers up the shaft and a number of families who have every right to feel let down and angry.

This dark day will never go and will only ever lighten if justice is served.

Accountability matters and it always will.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.