Duncan Garner: Don't get entitled - grab a mask and get used to it

OPINION: Making masks mandatory on public transport in Auckland and on planes around the country is a tiny price to pay for our relative freedoms.

So, don't get entitled, don't be smug, don't be a smart arse.

Mask up or the police do have the powers to enforce.

But they won't want to waste their time with it, so do the right thing. 

I'm surprised it's taken so long to make it compulsory - I'd actually make it mandatory countrywide.

This virus travels easily and so do people as Christmas approaches.

Many people outside of Auckland will be spending time in the big city over summer, so get used to the Auckland rules by making them country wide. 

Otherwise it creates an 'us and them' scenario - bugger that. 

And don't fear being a nanny state, this is public health, and anyway, it's way too late for that. We had two lockdowns for goodness sake.

But COVID-19 expert Michael Baker says making masks mandatory is actually not enough and every Kiwi should be issued three masks by the Government.

I suspect we just don't like wearing masks.

Somehow it's for other people from other nations, but what a load of nonsense.

We've done well in New Zealand but we've been far from watertight.

We've had a border breach every two weeks on average - that's poor. 

So, pull your heads out of your backside and come back to earth.

Look at Taiwan. Not one case in 200 days and that's because they have more than just COVID policy - their anti covid measures are part of their culture.

Just seven deaths for 24 million people. 

Grab a mask, use it and get used to it.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.