Kiwi boy calls on Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to help end family violence

A 5-year-old Christchurch boy aiming to raise awareness about domestic violence is calling on a global superstar for help.

Angelou Brown has taken over telling his nana's story, whose experience of domestic violence sparked an anti-abuse movement, now that she only has months left to live.

Angelou has sent an open letter to a man considered a hero in his family - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - to raise awareness about the family's cause.

"Dear Mr Rock, my name is Angelou Brown and I am 5-years-old. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand," the letter says.

"My dad is Samoan so I'm pretty sure you're his cousin. And since you're part of the aiga (family), I thought I'd send you a gift. It's a T-shirt.

"Not just any T-shirt. This T-shirt my dad and my uncles wear to encourage other men to treat girls well."

The shirt is emblazoned with "She Is Not Your Rehab", an antiviolence message for men to get help for their problems before taking them out on others.

The 'she' who was the inspiration for the slogan is Angelou's nana who is battling lung cancer. 

"My nana had a sad life when they were growing up, with lots of fights at home.

"It was sad for my dad to watch her get hurt a lot. And she had to go away lots to many refuges.

"My dad says it's his mission to help other men to heal so their wives don't have sad lives like nana did."

Angelou's father Matt Brown saw his mum experience abuse and a movement to break the cycle was borne out of conversations with men at his barbershop. 

On Wednesday they released a video recording of Angelou's letter which has already reached more than 830,000 people on Instagram alone.

"It's overwhelming to see the engagement that we've had so far," Brown told Newshub.

He wants men to understand that there is pride in healing.

"We came up with the idea to write to the most influential Polynesian man on the planet because we thought if he stood by the kaupapa of wearing the T-shirt or just believing in this kaupapa it would encourage other men to own their trauma and their pain."

Angelou said he loves The Rock "because he's the strongest man on the planet".

But while there's no reply from The Rock yet, Angelou said his nana is "proud" of him for the letter and video.