Pleas to protect families after string of shootings in south Auckland

Gang tensions remain high in Auckland after a string of shootings over the past three days.

The latest target is home to eight children under the age of six, prompting pleas to protect those most vulnerable.

A lone armed policeman patrols the scene of Saturday night's shooting on Bairds Rd in Ōtara. Neighbours say it all happened around 10pm.

"I called the police and I told them that I heard two gunshots," Gary Cooper says.

Police told Cooper to keep his six children safe: "Lock your house, lock everything up, and keep the kids in."

Police rushed to Bairds Rd but say those responsible had already fled in a vehicle and no one was injured.

They say they're still trying to establish what happened and are not sure if it's linked to other shootings in the area - like at one house still cordoned off on Saturday and just 900 metres away.

And another one less than 700 metres away from the last where bullet holes are being assessed and smashed windows traced after Friday night's attack.

"I've heard gunshots here in the last seven months, heaps of times," Cooper says.

Police wouldn't be interviewed about what's happening in Ōtara however the activity in the area is believed to be gang-related. It's understood one house is a base for the Tribesmen.

Manukau Ward Councillor Alf Filipaina says the gangs involved need to take responsibility "by not shooting up the houses, by not shooting up vehicles, by not using firearms full stop".

He says it puts others at risk "and that is so wrong".

Many are fearing for the most vulnerable. It isn't just a crime scene, it's a family home - there's a kid's trampoline out the back. And like the other two houses Newshub visited today, it's surrounded by other family homes with young children. Some of whom have said they've heard gunshots.

"I'm just worried about the kids' safety that's all. I'm not worried about myself," Cooper says.

Because along with evidence of violence there's plenty more evidence of play. And neighbours say it should be safe for their tamariki.