Police reveal hilarious moment scammer calls the station

New Zealand police have shared a hilarious phone call between one of its officers and a man attempting to scam him, in an effort to raise awareness of fraud.

The phone call was posted to Facebook to mark Fraud Awareness Week. In the video, the scammer tries to get the officer to go to a website which would allow outside access into his computer.

"Is this a scam, a hoax phone call?" the officer asks.

The person denies it, saying if it was a scam they would have just directly accessed the computer without calling first.

"Do you know you've rung the New Zealand police?" the cop asks.

Sounding rather put out, the scammer replies "yeah" before telling the cop to "shut up and f**k off".

In a statement accompanying the video, police said many people are too proud to lodge a complaint as they feel foolish for being sucked in by a scam.

"It's believed millions are lost each year and never reported...a significant number of these scams are grossly under-reported so there's no real way of knowing".

They say to avoid being scammed, Kiwis should be careful and aware of the warning signs.

A genuine organisation will never ask for your PIN number, password or for you to move money around.

Links in unexpected emails and texts should be treated with extreme caution - it could be an easy way to steal your personal information and financial details.

Police also say people should listen to their instincts - if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.