The AM Show hosts butt heads over whether period products should be free

Scotland has become the first country in the world to make period products free - and many think New Zealand should be next.

One of the people backing free pads and tampons is The AM Show host Amanda Gillies, who said on Tuesday it is "overdue" in Aotearoa.

"It has to happen's just not right," she told her co-host Ryan Bridge.

"Are there many things in a supermarket cheaper than tampons? In all seriousness?" Bridge rebutted.

Gillies pointed out that at around $5 for a box of 16, there are many things in a supermarket cheaper than tampons.

"Some women have heavier periods, so they might need double that and pads through the night."

"So $10 a month?" Bridge queried.

"The period poverty thing throws the issue a little bit because it's just poverty, isn't it? It's just something you can't afford," he continued.

"And it's one of the things you need," interjected Gillies. 

"But I mean kids need glasses - there are things kids need. It seems strange to me that we've picked one particular product and gone 'it's period poverty' when it's just poverty - but whatever, they've done it in Scotland they'll probably do it here."

Gilles replied she hoped that would be the case.

Some moves have been made towards free period products in New Zealand.

In June the Government announced 15 of the most deprived schools in the Waikato would be given free period products. 

Schools were reporting students using toilet paper, newspaper or rags to stem their bleeding, and others were skipping school entirely.