Watercare confident Auckland's summer will be drought-free

Drought-stricken Aucklanders rejoice, despite low dams, Watercare is confident there won't be a water shortage this summer.

The Pukekohe East reservoir is a vital piece of Auckland's water infrastructure jigsaw in place, and one that could mean the city doesn't have a shortage this summer.

Watercare Acting CEO, Marlon Bridge says it's a "significant" component.

"As we move through that summer period it will be the largest contributor to us having more confidence."

The reservoir allows Watercare to draw and re-distribute an extra 25 million litres of water from the Waikato River into Auckland's wider network every day - just in time for the summer demand.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says it helps with the "resilience" of Auckland's water supply. 

"It helps us prevent having to put more severe restrictions on even if we get a further dry summer."

On Friday Auckland's dams are sitting at 68 percent of their capacity - the normal level for this time of year is 91 percent. 

But Watercare says projects like this will help ease the pressure.

"That's mitigating or diversifying the risk that we're seeing through the dam sources that we have right now," He says. 

The reservoir holds 50 million litres of water, that's equivalent to 20 Olympic sized swimming pools. 

But even with the current restrictions, Aucklanders are using eight times that every day.

Auckland's mayor says while those restrictions are unlikely to end soon, further restrictions are unlikely.

"We've had the two driest years in the history of our city, and the, the first two months of spring, the driest first two months of spring in 35 years. So we're not out of the woods yet."

Because while restrictions can be controlled, one thing no politician can control is the weather.