Wellington corgi race comes down to the wire

There may be a race going in America for the presidency but on Saturday in Wellington there was also a race - a corgi race.

But unlike America, this one had a clear winner - and this race was legal, amicable and fair.

While all eyes have been on Pennsylvania on Saturday, it's Belmont Domain in Lower Hutt where another important race took place - a race of the corgis.

There was no Donald Trump, but some dogs had an uncanny resemblance to the leader of the free world.

There were corgis sporting with Trump colours, and competitors with an equal amount of indecipherable bluster.

Organisers did their best to make sure it ran legally and fairly.

"We're going to run two heats and a final to make it a little more professional," said organiser Michael Romanos.

The race came under scrutiny from the media.

"I was criticised by the media last year for having a little string at the finish line," Romanos said.

But unlike some, he was willing to take it on board.

"Today I've got a rope so things are on the up," Romanos said.

Plenty of watchers were on board also to enjoy the battle and perhaps check for no cheating.

There were some pre-race nerves, with competitors not always listening to their advisors. And some dogs had other personality traits similar to that competitor over in the US.

"Quite stubborn, whenever he doesn't want to do anything he says no!" one owner exclaimed.

There was no patience required in this race but it still came down to the wire.

Then, after the legalities were triple-checked, the winner was announced - a corgi called Freddy.

His chief advisor was happy with the outcome.

"Lovely day and I like the crowd of people - lots of dogs."

But one of the losers had to be carried out after failing to win. Not kicking and screaming - but almost.