Wellington records gloomiest November on record

MetService recorded just 67 hours of sunshine in Kelburn this month.
MetService recorded just 67 hours of sunshine in Kelburn this month. Photo credit: Getty

Wellington's on track to experience the gloomiest November on record, according to meteorologists.

MetService recorded just 67 hours of sunshine in the suburb of Kelburn this month.

With 11 days to go, Wellington would have to reach 210 hours to catch up with the historical average.

"If we stay on our current trajectory we might be in for the dimmest November on record here at Kelburn," MetService wrote on Facebook.

Metservice meteorologist Tahlia Crabtree says most of the North Island will be looking fine this weekend, with the Kapiti Coast and Wellington an exception.

"It's only towards the Kapiti Coast and Wellington where the cloud will persist for a little bit longer," Crabtree says.

Wellingtonians will see "cloud to start the day and a little more cloud persisting" on Friday.

"There could be some brighter spells in the afternoon and then the cloud will come back in the evening."

Wellingtonians themselves are calling the city to "up the weather game".

"Only 33 days now until the longest day and daylight starts retreating back into the night. I WANT SOME SPRING AND SUMMER FIRST! C'mon Wellington, up the weather game," one person wrote on Twitter.

Others are choosing Dirty Dunners over the capital.

"Weather woes, water and housing failures, assaults on the rise… I still love this place but if Wellington must temporarily relinquish its cool-city crown, my vote goes to Dunedin."

Residents in Auckland, however, have been getting a sweet taste of the summer sun this month.

NIWA forecasters said on Wednesday, a marine heatwave has formed around northern Auckland and Northland after an increase in sea surface temperatures last month.

"We're not even at the peak of our sea surface temperatures which typically occur over January and February," NIWA meteorologist Ben Noll said.

"High pressure systems in October brought more sunshine, warmer temperatures and less wind than normal."