Wellingtonians snap up new Air Jordan sneakers after queueing for days

More than 100 people have camped outside a Foot Locker in Wellington to snap up a pair of the new Air Jordan 1s in Dark Mocha. 

Finally, as the doors opened today and the Air Jordans went on sale everybody filed in one by one. 

The shoes are boxed and bagged, ready to go for a cool $240.

Air Jordans are a billion-dollar business, part of a shoe collection from Nike created by basketball megastar Michael Jordan and people are desperate to get their hands on them. 

The new Air Jordans in Dark Mocha is a popular choice as they resemble the Travis Scott Jordans - the product of a recent collaboration with the rapper. 

And if you're in the market for new Jordans but you slept in, well you've missed out, you won't find any pairs on the shelves because they sold out in just over an hour.

For those who did get a pair - some put them on straight away, others began flipping them.

"I just made 160 straight off the spot," a seller says, while another predicts they will sell theirs for $400 over the price they paid.  

Some customers waited outside the store for three days, the queue stretching down Wellington's busy Lambton Quay, right around the corner.

Some sneaker lovers even skipping work to do so. 

Customers used sleeping bags and camping chairs to keep comfy and fueled up on McDonald's and fizzy drinks. 

"It's alright it's been a bit cold at night," one customer said of their camp-out.