Duncan Garner: Good riddance to the most challenging year of my life

OPINION: Let me wrap up 2020 with two words: Annus horribilis.

If you flagged Latin years ago and always wondered what those slightly pretentious words mean it's annus for annual, horribilis for horrible - a horrible year. 

But if you still don't care for the Latin then the more phonetic interpretation is accurate too: It was an arse of a year.

It's good riddance to the most challenging year of my life. I will stay up this New Years' Eve just to make sure the sun sets on 2020 and the new dawn is brighter and happier in 2021.

So, here are my outtakes from the 2020 intray and I will sum my thoughts up guided by the word "COVID".

C is for COVID, what else? 

We beat it and we are so far ahead of the rest of the world we are playing by ourselves, which, while fun, won't last.

Next year, I predict we will be desperate to travel abroad and welcome immigrants and tourists to spice things up and make some moolah.

O is for oh, oh, oh this is so good. The America's Cup will provide a genuine distraction from this year and Team NZ are looking fast, grab-your-seats on the water's edge.

V is for vaccine and also victory, because that's what a vaccine represents. 

Yes, I know you're screaming "vegan" at me but the word itself is probably my biggest issue with all of it so far. "Veganism" urgently needs a rebrand.

I is for "I got this" and "I've got your back", that's Jacinda Ardern speaking.

We believed you and trusted you. We had no choice. But you came through.

It was damn obvious you were on track for a majority government.

And to those who say all she did was listen to medical advice, this is a much greater skill than you ever realise.

And, finally, D is for deputy - Jacinda's deputy, the Director-General. His name's Ashley.

The 1pm sidekick and the man who said the things that Jacinda had to listen to.

So, here we are, about to bid farewell to 2020, just a few weeks left.

Thank you for your support of The AM Show. We appreciate every single one of you.

Your messages of support and kindness and appreciation truly sustained us throughout the tough time of 2020.

It really has been a privilege to be with you all throughout this crazy, wild, annus horribilis.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.