Duncan Garner: Making cop, child killers serve life without parole should be an easy law to change

OPINION: On June 19, Diane Hunt's much loved and kind son Constable Matthew Hunt went to work.

But he never came home, shot in the line of duty - the 33rd police officer to be killed in this country.

That was just five and half months ago, no doubt the most awful time of her life.

But she's also been plotting alongside the grieving and wants the cowards who kill cops to be put behind bars for longer - no parole, no chance of early release.

Kill a police officer and life means life. I support it. 

Thirty-nine thousand people have signed the petition supporting her and she will deliver it to Parliament on Wednesday. 

I hope Parliament takes the issue seriously. 

This change is doable. It's happened in Victoria, Australia and while changing the justice system is hard, changing a small part of it shouldn't be. 

Far too many people get parole anyway. I think you'd be shocked to learn just how many.

The last time I looked at this, of the 719 people who were serving life sentences, 217 of them were actually in the community on parole. 

Life sentence, joke sentence. It sounds tough, but in reality life almost never means life. 

Only in the case of the Christchurch shooter does life honestly mean life.

This won't clog up our prisons. As Diane points out it may only affect one or two people in her lifetime. But it sends a message that police officers must be respected.

Far too many people high on whatever they're high on and with guns on the backseat have zero respect for cops, zero respect for the community they live in and zero respect for themselves.

They can therefore learn the hard way - kill a cop, do more time. Simple.

I'd do this for child killers too. Kill a child, you do life, no parole.

A long lag will become longer because the Parole Board will never come knocking.

Cop killers and child killers should serve every last day.

This should be an easy law to change. 

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.