Duncan Garner: Three people who stood out for extraordinary and selfless work in 2020

OPINION: At the end of each year, I name an AM Show Honorary Member of the Year - someone who I believe has stood out for his or her extraordinary and selfless work.

Last year's winner was David White. 

After his daughter was murdered by her ex-husband, David started to speak up on family violence. He now travels the country talking to people, hoping to change the justice system.

He wants angry men to drop their fists and he even offered forgiveness to his daughter's killer so the young kids could begin to have their Dad back again.

I can tell you it has become a much coveted and sought after prize, not so much for the material wealth caught up in the prize (a $3.50 The AM Show mug), it's how your life changes after receiving such an honour, a lifetime membership to this exclusive club will open doors, especially if those doors are already automatic.

And the job offers are never ending.

So for this year I've come up with a short list, with the winner named on Friday.

Here are a few: Chris Farrelly, head of the Auckland City Mission, he will sign off this year after years of loyal service, he's such a warrior, you rarely see what he does but he deserves recognition.

Malcolm Mullholland, a true champion for all those cancer survivors wanting better treatment and drugs. His wife has breast cancer and Malcolm has still managed single-handedly to embarrass the Government, expose PHARMAC and save lives.

Melissa Vining, after her husband Blair died she has spearheaded the Southland Charity Hospital, a huge task, always with a smile, doing it for others always. 

Let's not limit it. Those are three who come to mind, others are in the mix too and I want to hear your ideas - feedback@theamshow.co.nz

Who from my list makes it and who have I missed?

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.