Fears Kāpiti Coast Airport could shut for good following security threat

There are renewed fears Kāpiti Airport could close for good after it shut on Sunday following a security threat.

The regional airport, north of Wellington, has slashed its opening hours over staff shortages. 

Kāpiti Coast Airport was still closed on Monday morning, after an online threat shut it down Sunday.

"This feels like death by a thousand cuts," Kapiti Districts Aero Clubs Tony Quayle said.

"The airport company is setting the scene for the ultimate closure of the airport."

The security threat came the day after the airport slashed its operating hours by up to five hours a day - citing staffing shortages.

The owners have previously said they're considering 'all options' for the airport's future.

But the reduced hours are already having an impact - the Aero Club saying it'll cut its members flying time in half.

"We could be losing $30,000 to $40,000 revenue out of this," Quayle said.

"If someone goes sick the tower could close suddenly and we could have a repeat of the situation yesterday."

It's urging the Airport to lodge a request with the civil aviation authority to operate without running a flight information service.

Air Chathams supports yesterday's decision to close but worries rolling closures and staff shortages could hamper customer confidence. 

"They don't want to be booking a flight and thinking they might have to catch a bus to Palmerston North," Air Chatham chief operating officer Duane Emeny said.

"We're gonna have fewer people coming through and flying."

The Kapiti Commerce Commission says reduced flying hours could deliver a blow to the local economy. 

The Airport says it legally can't operate without an Aerodrome Flight Information Service.