Grace Millane murder: Jesse Kempson convicted on nine violent charges, including rape, relating to other women

Newshub can reveal that Grace Millane's killer has been convicted of nine further violent offences - including rape and multiple counts of assault - relating to other women since his murder trial.

Last November, Jesse Shane Kempson was found guilty of murdering the British backpacker in an Auckland apartment in December 2018. In February this year, the now-28-year-old was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum non-parole period of 17 years. 

However, that was not to be the last time Kempson faced trial at the Auckland High Court.

It can now be revealed that Kempson has faced nine further charges relating to two other women - a former partner and a woman he met on Tinder. He has filed to appeal his convictions for each at the Court of Appeal.

While Newshub has been able to report on these court proceedings, Kempson's name - and therefore his connection to the Millane case - was suppressed throughout. 

In October, while he still had name suppression, Kempson was found guilty of sexual and physical offences against a former partner, who he was in a relationship with between September 2016 and April 2017.

Those were two charges of sexual violation by forcing his former partner to perform sexual acts on him, three charges of assault - including by holding her in a chokehold - two charges of assaulting the woman with a knife and a single charge of threatening to kill her. 

He denied them all at the judge-alone trial, with his lawyer, Belinda Sellars QC, arguing that the relationship between the pair had not been violent.

"It was a difficult relationship but he utterly rejects that he was physically or sexually abusive in any way," the man's lawyer said.

But Kempson's former partner described him as "volatile", "scary" and "manipulative". A police interview was played to the court in which she said that one night in January 2017, she feared for her life. The woman said Kempson told her he had been sent by the CIA to kill her. 

"I honestly thought that that night I was going to die and if my body was found, people would need to know it was him that did it," she said.

After being found guilty, Kempson was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison.

Two weeks after that trial, in November 2020, Kempson was found guilty of raping a woman he had met on the dating application Tinder at an Auckland motel in early 2018. 

He also pleaded not guilty to that charge, with his lawyer, Tiffany Cooper, arguing the couple's encounter was consensual or that he reasonably believed the woman had consented. 

When Justice Geoffrey Venning laid down his guilty verdict Kempson yelled out: "You're so full of shit mate. You have no reason to convict me". 

He was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for that conviction.