Mysterious monolith appears at Christchurch Adventure Park

A mysterious monolith has appeared at Christchurch Adventure Park and it's unclear where it came from.

An image of the object was posted to the park's Facebook page on Sunday.

"Does anyone know what this is or where it has come from? As we genuinely don't," the park wrote in the post.

Users have taken to the comments to guess what the monolith is and where it came from.

"Kick it and see if aliens come out," one user wrote.

"Fantastic! Wondered where it would turn up next!!" said another.

A third wrote: "Sounds like a marketing ploy..."

Others commented that the monolith looks like a similar one found in the Utah desert - one person calling it a "cheap knockoff".

Christchurch Adventure Park events manager Cam Hill told Newshub staff don't know how the monolith got there.

He says security cameras have been checked and staff weren't involved in erecting it.

The post has received almost 200 likes and 69 comments since being posted about midday on Sunday.