Santa still en route to New Zealand, despite COVID-19 pandemic

The most well-travelled delivery man in the world hasn't let a global pandemic get in the way of his very important duties.

Despite border restrictions and quarantine requirements, Santa's anticipated arrival is on-track, with Kiwi kids' burning questions answered.

A global pandemic is unchartered territory for even the most experienced traveller - the question for most Kiwi kids was whether the coronavirus could cancel Christmas.

As luck would have it, the travel bubble between the North Pole and New Zealand got the Government's greenlight.

Science educator Dr Michelle Dickinson told Newshub there are no confirmed cases in the North Pole - so Santa is low-risk.

Santa told Newshub he's lucky that his method of transport is less traditional. 

"I'm very fortunate you see. The reindeer and the sleigh, they move on the rainbows - so we slide right over it like magic."

For a man of his stature, there hasn't been any special treatment when it comes to following COVID-19 rules.  

Dr Dickinson says Santa needs to make sure he's been following the restrictions.

"Make sure that your elves are separated by two metres and also wearing masks and gloves."

She says safety first is just as important for families tonight when you're leaving out his treats.

"If Santa does have a little bite and you see some crumbs when you come back, don't eat the crumbs because that's how cross-contamination is going to happen."

The number one gift on most people's wishlist - a COVID-free Christmas.