Two rare Sumatran tigers join Orana Wildlife Park

Two Sumatran Tigers have made their long-awaited debut at Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch. 

Four-year-old Sumatran Tigers Reggie and Scout were transferred from Australia Zoo last week.

"They've got amazing personalities," Orana Wildlife exotic species manager Rachael Mason says.

"They're quite different so Reggie is really out-going, Scouts a little bit shyer so yeah, he's taking his time to get to know the keepers."

Orana Park CEO Lyn Anderson says it's incredible they've managed to move an endangered species.

"There's greater logistical issues than ever moving endangered species around the world due to COVID-19 just like people - so it's incredible that we've been able to achieve this right on Christmas."

But just as they were due to make their big introduction to the public on Tuesday, they chickened out.

"They're taking a while," a little boy told Newshub.

"How long have you been waiting on them?"

"Like 40 hours," he said.

"They're a little bit shy at the moment but yeah... waiting game," Mason said.

The last resort - food, and, just for a few minutes, the pair got the courage to step 'just-inside' their new digs. Their new keepers couldn't be prouder. 

"Tigers are personality plus there's so many unique things about them as well," Mason said.

"They're just so amazing to just look at, they're such handsome cats."

Well worth seeing, however long the queues.