Volunteers pack food parcels so no family goes hungry this Christmas

An empty warehouse has been transformed into a bustling production line on Saturday with hundreds of Kiwis gathering to pack food parcels - all in the name of charity.

The Life Community is working alongside 440 community and government organisations to make sure no family goes hungry this Christmas by delivering them a 'Christmas Box'.

Welcome to Santa's workshop - it might be just an Auckland warehouse, but inside is the spirit of Christmas in action.

"It's good to see everyone out here, sharing the love," one volunteer says. 

It turns out giving feels pretty darn good.

"It's very romantic too, extremely romantic," another says.

In amongst the tomfoolery and dancing is a heartwarming charity project - to help those in need this Christmas.

Everyone has a job, from making the boxes to the packing department. There's even a group dedicated to recycling.

Volunteer Chris Young's job is hype man. He says he's been doing this for 10 years and this year is a biggie.

"People have had a really tough year, and this is just a great thing for people to just experience love."

By the end of Saturday, 23,000 boxes will be packed up and ready for delivery to a family in need. It's a five-hour, muscle aching, back-breaking job but incredibly satisfying.

"Especially when you see it way back down there, just individual items now packed up ready to meet a need somewhere," a happy volunteer says.

This year marks 20 years of Christmas Boxes, and the volunteers say they'll be back next year.

"Yeah it's great fun," one person says.