Watch: Auckland resident feels 'unsafe' after neighbour's racist rant

An Auckland man whose mother-in-law had racist abuse shouted at her outside their North Shore home says he's disappointed police didn't take further action.

The man, who didn't want to be named, said his mother-in-law was returning to their house from a bike ride in Rosedale on Wednesday night when a man who lives on the same street approached them. The man then asked the woman if she lived there.

When she said yes, he started shouting racist abuse at them. Video obtained by Newshub shows the altercation.

"You don't belong here," he says in the CCTV video. "You don't belong in this country. You don't belong in this country. You belong in China... So go back there aye chap," he continues.

"How the f**ck did you get here?"

The family member called police immediately as they felt "unsafe" and "threatened".

A report of a person being verbally abusive was received at around 7:40pm on Wednesday night, police say.

"Police have spoken to both parties and no further action is required," a police spokesperson says.

But the man says he's disappointed the police didn't take any further action.

"We were left with a simple phone call and a response saying they gave a verbal warning to the man," he says. "We didn't receive any apologies from the family nor a proactive plan about this situation.

"Our concern was brushed off as an everyday offence."

The man told Newshub they have been living in their Rosedale home for more than 25 years and have "never experienced anything like this before".

"This behaviour was disgusting to see especially in 2020. This neighbourhood has been our home for over 25 years and it is such a disgrace that we have to feel scared in our own home.

"New Zealand is a multicultural country where everyone is deemed equal. We want to raise awareness and encourage the public to step up to racism to prevent incidents like this happening ever again." 

Newshub was unable to contact the neighbour.