Watch: CCTV footage shows Auckland woman narrowly surviving truck vs house crash

CCTV footage has captured the moment a truck rolling down a hill knocked over a street sign and crashed into the front of an Auckland house.

The Kingsland homeowner was unharmed after the truck crashed into her house on Tuesday, but knows says she's "very lucky" she wasn't injured.

Melissa Hill was fast asleep when the vehicle crashed through her bedroom wall, stopping less than a metre from her bed. 

Moments later, the video shows a panicked driver running after the truck.

"I was woken up this morning with a loud bang in my bedroom," Hill told Newshub.

She initially thought it was a drunk driver. But it was actually a parked truck that rolled backwards during a delivery.

"I feel like I've used up one of my nine lives because I think if it had been another metre or I didn't have an old house with good bones and the wood stopped it, it could've hurt myself or the dog," Hill said. "So very lucky."

Hill's front deck and awning were completely destroyed, and there were shards of glass scattered across her duvet.

"I'm waiting for the assessors to come and check the damage," she said.

Something she thinks could cost her at least $50,000 to repair.

"I've got an open fireplace above my hob in the kitchen and that has kind of a little bit of crumble that's come down on that, so I don't know how bad the damage is really."

The delivery company Cool Freight Distributors Limited wouldn't go on camera but says initial inspections revealed the handbrake was faulty.

The driver was left shaken but wasn't inside the vehicle when it rolled.

And while Melissa and her labrador Milo also escaped unscathed, the new paint job on her home wasn't so lucky.

"Mum and dad came round on Sunday to have a look at it and were like 'wow… it looks great' - well that was short-lived," she joked.