ACC calls for motorcyclists to improve training as sales skyrocket

Booming sales of motorcycles have prompted calls from ACC for new riders to take up training before hitting the road. 

ACC revealed last month almost 9000 motorbikes and mopeds were sold in 2020 - the highest number in a decade and up from 8530 bought in 2019. 

In 2019, ACC paid out $103.8 million for 4360 motorcycle claim injuries.

ACC injury prevention leader Dave Keilty told The AM Show the biggest flaw in new motorcycle riders is overconfidence.

"We need to peel it back, slow down, take it easy, [and] be careful out there."

NZ Transport Agency data shows there have been 2758 crashes involving a motorcycle at urban intersections in the past four years. Keilty said ACC has made changes to its training programme to adjust to new bike models. 

"Learner riders in New Zealand can now ride bikes up to 660CC so there's a much wider range - it does give you access to more powerful bikes."

Riders were urged to get as much assistance and training as possible, he said.

"The New Zealand landscape's very different from other places.

"A lot of the accidents we're seeing - they're absolutely preventable."

As well as extra training, Keilty said riding also required self-discipline.

"It takes a little bit of self-control, a little bit of practice, a little bit of getting a bit of coaching and guidance, and taking the time to look after each other."