Canterbury firefighters on high alert as another fire wrecks abandoned house

Fire crews in Canterbury are on high alert as temperatures once again hit the mid-30s.

Well before the sun was up, Canterbury fire crews were dealing with a blaze.

Emergency services were called to the fire at Fendalton Road, Christchurch, just before 2:30am on Wednesday.

The fire at an earthquake-damaged and abandoned homestead is being treated as suspicious.

"I'd really like to wring the person's neck who's done this because they've destroyed a part of Christchurch's heritage. I'm gutted," Christchurch resident Christine Coster told Newshub.

Six fire crews were needed to bring the fire at the two-storey home under control.

Across the region, fire crews are on high alert. Hot and dry conditions throughout Canterbury haven't let up for three days

"The weather conditions are still extreme, we had no overnight recovery with the relative humidity, so essentially we are starting with afternoon humidity at the start of the day," Fire and Emergency incident coordinator Colin Russell said.

These conditions have prompted Fire and Emergency to mobilise the regional coordination centre

"We've got this one down Winton way that we will keep an eye on," Russell said.

The centre inside the Justice Precinct gives authorities a view of every hotspot in the region, including the fire that broke out at Pines Beach on Monday.

There's back-up to crews preparing for the worst, with 90 firefighters on standby and help from the air available too.

"We've set the centre up in preparation of a big event starting so we can be on the fly without having to go through some set-up procedures," Russell said.

Weary firefighters and authorities all hoping for a quieter night on Wednesday, as a cool change in the weather should arrive Thursday.