Christchurch man who lost job during lockdown finds work after nearly 200 applications

A Christchurch man who lost his job in lockdown and then applied for nearly 200 positions without success has finally got some work.

Craig Cormack, 64, is now working on call for Red Badge doing security at events.

"It actually gave me a sense of purpose to get out of bed this morning," he told Newshub during his first day at work.

Despite applying for a sheer number of positions and making it to the interview stage a few times, he couldn't make it over the finish line.

"There's a lot more people like me, similar age, and are being overlooked for age or whatever reason, and they want to work but just can't get any," Cormack says.

Newshub learnt about Cormack because he dropped his CV into us looking for work, accompanied by a letter explaining his situation. After his story was aired, a large number of companies got in contact wanting to give him a chance. Red Badge was the first to get in touch.

"The support I got buoyed me along a lot," he says.

His work at Red Badge is temporary until he secures something more permanent. 

He says he had a sleepless night before his first day on the job.

"I was waking up last night thinking about it. First day at a job but everything's worked out and they're a good bunch of people to work with," he says.

Nearly 7 percent of Kiwis are on a jobseeker benefit, but in the past week, there were over 2000 cancellations of these benefits by people who'd found work.

Cormack was visibly upset when he first spoke to Newshub earlier in January, but he's feeling brighter now.

"I'm in a better space now," he says.

And hopeful more good things and employment opportunities will come his way.