Community leaders call for Auckland mother's killers to hand themselves in

Tongan community leaders are calling for those responsible for the death of a grandmother in south Auckland in January 2020 to front up and hand themselves in.

Meliame Fisi'ihoi was killed one year ago but her case remains unsolved, leaving her family and her community desperate for answers.

A wooden fence now borders the Favona property where 57-year-old mother of seven Meliame was gunned down in what's believed to be a case of mistaken identity.

Twelve months on, her killer remains at large.

"The Police are taking far too long and there's no reassurance to the community," Pakilau Manase Lua says. 

"Particularly to the local ones here in Mangere about what's happening. There's just a big blanket of silence .. totally understand they have to investigate and that but talk to your community."

Police say that seeking justice for Meliame is their priority and are making good progress, but won't comment any further due to operational reasons.

Tongan community leader Pakilau Manase Lua says their silence is not good enough when families are living in fear.

"A lot of people are wondering had it not been a Tongan shot in her own home .. an innocent mother.. would things have been different.. if say it had been a housewife in say in Remuera or Epsom."

A month before the murder, a man was shot and seriously injured at the same house. No arrests have been made, but Pakilau Manase Lua believes her death is gang related.

"For the people who are behind this - man up. You killed a mother... gangs they have a code, you've broken that, you've shot an innocent person, hand yourself in if you're out there."

Until then, it's an agonising wait for a family still mourning the senseless murder of a much-loved mother and wife.