Coronavirus: Kiwis react to new probable community case

A "collective groan" can be heard from Kiwis reacting to the news of a new probable community case of COVID-19.

Health officials are responding on Sunday to what is believed to be a new case of COVID-19 in the community in Northland after a person tested positive for the virus after departing a MIQ facility.

Kiwis have reacted with frustration, hope and comic relief.

"Collective groan heard from around #newzealand as possible Northland case announced...... please scan people!" one user tweeted.

"Ugh - please, no. Hopefully everyone has been scanning their QR codes," another wrote.

"Manifesting no lockdowns manifesting no lockdowns manifesting no lockdowns manifesting no lockdowns manifesting no lockdowns," a third said.

Many users are angry over the lack of QR code scanning, urging others to start using the COVID-19 Tracer app.

"If the case in Northland is confirmed, we'll get a hard lesson in why we should *all* be scanning, *every* time. Once an outbreak starts it's too late," one user wrote.

"With a possible community case in Northland, it's a great day to start scanning (if you haven't been already!)"

Kiwis have shown reluctance to use the Tracer app with scans dropping by a third over the Christmas break.

"Probable community transmission Northland? Now will you scan and get swabbed?"

Others tweeted memes in the wake of the bad news, or joked about panic buying.

"Brb off to buy toilet rolls!" one user said.

"Quick rush out and panic buy #toiletpaper," another joked.

Users also guessed what the next Government step would be, some hopeful the nation can once again beat the virus.

"Come on team of 5m! We've beaten community transmission twice before. We can do it again (and again)!" one user tweeted.

"With it being in Northland I feel like it might just be a localised lockdown and maybe level 2 for the rest of the country?" another guessed.

"Hope it's not the new UK or Sth African strain."

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield will provide further details at a 4pm press conference on Sunday.