Coronavirus: New maps show two new Auckland COVID-19 cases' locations of interest

A new map shows the locations of interest for the two new Auckland COVID-19 cases. 

The two people completed their managed isolation in the same facility and at the same time as the Northland case.

On Wednesday night, The Ministry of Health released a list of locations visited by the pair including several shops in Orewa and the North Shore. 

The ministry is asking anyone who visited one of the locations of interest during the same time period, or anyone in Auckland with symptoms, to call Healthline, self isolate and get tested.

"It's important the right people isolate and get tested, so we don't overwhelm testing centres," Director-General of Health Dr Bloomfield said.

"We understand that many will be anxious, but it's important to remember we are carrying out these measures as a precaution. There is no evidence so far that suggests community transmission - but we need the right people to isolate and get tested."

A map showing the new COVID-19 cases' movements.
A map showing the new COVID-19 cases' movements. Photo credit: Supplied / Ethan Hohneck

The pair spent long periods of time at BBQ King in Albany sparking questions about whether one of them worked there. 

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins told The AM Show as far as he knows the person didn't return to work after leaving MIQ, but the ministry is following up. 

"I'm going to follow that up.They do seem to be quite long periods of time that have been identified there [BBQ King] and that's interesting," Hipkins said on Thursday. 

"That could mean that they couldn't remember exactly when they were there so they published a longer period of time out of an abundance of caution. 

"But the advice that I have as of last night was that the person had not been at work since they had been released from managed isolation, so I don't really know how to explain the long periods of time there."

Hipkins also reiterated that the likelihood of another Auckland lockdown is still "pretty low at this point". 

"When you are dealing with COVID-19 things can change quickly, but at this point I don't think the risk of further restrictions are any higher than they were yesterday."

He said at this stage there are no restrictions on Aucklanders over Anniversary Weekend.

"We will have a conversation at some point later today about Auckland Anniversary Weekend and whether we think it's necessary… to issue any further guidance. But like I said, at this point we haven't reached the threshold for any changes to alert levels." 

List of locations:

  • BBQ King Albany - January 17 - 11am to 2pm
  • PaknSave Silverdale - January 17 - 2pm to 2:30pm
  • BBQ King Albany - January 17 - 5pm to 9pm
  • PaknSave Silverdale - January 18 - 12 noon to 12:30pm
  • BBQ King Albany  - January 18 - 12:30pm to 3pm
  • Caltex Orewa - January 18 - 1pm to 1:30pm
  • BBQ King Albany - January 18 - 5pm to 9pm
  • Hickeys Pharmacy - January 23 - 12:30pm to 1:30 pm
  • Farmers Albany Albany  - January 24 - 12 noon to 1pm
  • Tai Ping Supermarket Albany - January 24 - 12 noon to 1pm
  • New World Orewa - January 25 - 1pm to 2pm
  • Tai Ping Supermarket Northcote - January 26 - 12:30pm to 1pm