Man fires shots at police, crashes into patrol car

A man who fired shots at police before crashing his car into one of theirs on Monday night is in hospital, and will likely face several charges. 

The drama began in Foxton, Manawatu, around 5:30pm when police "received a call about the manner of driving of a vehicle". The 30-year-old suspect failed to stop when asked to, but police declined to pursue.

He soon drove back past the police, firing a shot which missed. 

"The man then abandoned the first vehicle and, armed with a firearm, approached another motorist forcing that person from their vehicle," said Insp Nigel Allan.

"He then left the Foxton area in the stolen vehicle. Extensive efforts were co-ordinated to locate the stolen vehicle and it was later located by police approaching Feilding."

Again, he failed to stop. Police eventually found him again in Feilding on Kimbolton Rd, using spikes to stop the car.

"Just after passing over the spikes the male was seen to drive directly at a stationary patrol car at speed, firing another shot at police immediately before crashing into the patrol car," said Allan.

He was apprehended without further incident and taken to hospital.

"This was an extraordinarily difficult and dangerous situation for our staff who were faced with a highly mobile offender whom it is alleged twice discharged a firearm at police and used that firearm in the commission of a robbery," said Allan. 

"The fact that police were able to successfully apprehend this person without injury to the public or police staff is an absolute credit to the courage and professionalism of the staff involved."

National Party police spokesperson Simeon Brown said it was "completely unacceptable".

"This is the second case of gun violence against our police in two days," he tweeted. "This violence is completely unacceptable - and puts our frontline officers at significant risk. My thoughts are with the police officers who faced these terrifying circumstances."