Police investigating slew of suspicious fires in Greymouth

The blazes are being treated "extremely seriously".
The blazes are being treated "extremely seriously". Photo credit: Getty

A slew of suspicious fires in Greymouth have police pleading for information as they urge residents to stay vigilant.

At around 11pm on New Year's Eve, the first fire was set - a scrub at the Domett Esplanade was set alight. At the same time, a car was engulfed in flames at a Peel Street property.

Hours later on New Year's Day, a fire was lit underneath a campervan parked at Cobden tiphead campervan park, and on 2 January more cars were set on fire.

The cars were parked at Prestons Road in Blaketown. Shortly after, a second fire was set under a different campervan, also in Blaketown.

Police are treating the fires extremely seriously, and are determined to find the person responsible.

Luckily, no one was injured in the series of blazes, but the two campervan fires could have had serious consequences - both were occupied at the time of the fires.

Police are also investigating two earlier fires which occured on Thompson Street on December 16 and Willis Street on December 18.

They are unsure whether these are linked to the New Year's fires but are "keeping an open mind", says Detective Senior Sergeant James Simpson.

"We urge people to stay vigilant to any suspicious behaviour, and report anything of concern to Police immediately."

No arrests have been made and inquiries are ongoing.