Radox shower product brand removes 'sexist' packaging

Radox shower product brand removes 'sexist' packaging
Photo credit: Twitter/ Louisa Compton

A supermarket shower gel brand is changing the packaging of a range of products which have been labelled "sexist".

Radox is going to remove the words "for men" from its Muscle Therapy Bath Soak range after receiving several complaints.

The issue first came up in August 2020 when Louisa Compton, the head of news and current affairs and sport at UK's Channel 4, tweeted: "Don't women get sore muscles Radox? Or are they just for men?"

Photos of the Radox range show products 'feel heavenly', 'feel detoxed' and 'feel pampered' without the "for men".

Radox responded saying: "We hear you Louisa."

"You're right, women buy our Muscle Therapy bottles for their sore muscles just as much, if not more than men. We're aware we have some legacy packaging still in stores, but later this year we're removing 'For Men' off our Muscle Therapy bath soaks for good."

After the issue was reraised at the beginning of 2021, with no sign of change, a Radox spokesperson told the Daily Mail they are in the process of completing the change.

"We can confirm we're removing the 'for men' label from the packaging of our Radox Muscle Therapy Bath Soak whilst continuing to use it on some of our shower gel range.

"At Radox we always try to design products that clearly explain their benefits and how they make you feel and smell and have a wide range of products available that can be used by both men and women."

However, Mark Lehain from the Campaign for Common Sense thought the move was unnecessary, telling the Daily Mail Radox can "brand their products the way they like" but they should also "trust their customers" to use their common sense when buying products.

"I'm a middle-aged guy and not averse to some 'feel heavenly' bubbles every now and again - and there will be plenty of woman who can look past a 'for men' brand and enjoy a muscle soak."