Rotorua earthquake: Rolling magnitude 4.9 aftershock caught live on-air

A powerful magnitude 4.9 quake in the Bay of Plenty has been caught live on air during an interview on The AM Show.

Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency Chair, Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, was visibly rocking with the strength of the tremor.

"We're still rocking and rolling here!" she exclaimed.

Host Duncan Garner told Raukawa-Tait to "ride it out".

"We'll carry on," she said with a laugh.

Early information from GeoNet indicates the "moderate" aftershock, which hit roughly 15 minutes after the initial magnitude 4.5 earthquake rattled the Bay of Plenty, was 5km deep.

More than 5230 people reported feeling the shaking, the majority describing weak to light tremors.

The initial earthquake hit shortly before 8am on Monday, striking 20km east of Rotorua at a depth of 4km. One local told Newshub the "big" quake was "scary", and had been quickly followed by aftershocks.

Watch the video above.