Victim advocate's warning after Kiwi man jailed for trying to buy child online to sexually abuse

36-year-old Aaron Hutton was sentenced to five years imprisonment on Friday.
36-year-old Aaron Hutton was sentenced to five years imprisonment on Friday. Photo credit: Getty

Warning - this article discusses sexual abuse. 

A sexual violence victim advocate has issued a stark warning to New Zealanders after a man was jailed for trying to buy a child to sexually abuse online.

Ruth Money told Newshub the case is "extreme" - but things like this do happen.

"There's many of us working in the sector telling people this person could be your neighbour, this person could work in your office - sadly these people live and breathe amongst us."

Her comments follow the jailing of 36-year-old Aaron Hutton, who was sentenced to five years imprisonment on Friday.

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) said Hutton used the Dark Web and "requested child sexual exploitation material from Covert Online Investigators and attempted to meet with and purchase a child for the purposes of sexual exploitation".  "Electronic forensic examination by DIA then led to the discovery of over 400 images depicting the sexual exploitation of children."

Money says although Hutton's case is "extreme", it's not unheard of.

"It's most definitely happening and it's most definitely happening more than we are able to catch these people," she told Newshub.

She says the common idea of what a child sex offender looks like is not accurate - and Kiwis need to be vigilant when it comes to protecting their kids, 

"People sadly think all sexual abusers of children are dirty, stinky old men who live in a hovel and that is just not true.

"If nothing else we need to hold this man up as an example to educate the community that these predators live and work with us."

To keep kids safe, Money recommends parents remain aware of what their children are doing online and who they're talking to. 

"The online environment is not monitored well. So we need to keep up those checks and balances to keep the kids safe."

If you are the victim of a child abuse crime:

If you are concerned about someone else’s sexual behaviour, you should contact organisations such as:

Or local treatment providers, or specialist therapists.