Waikeria Prison standoff: Inmates have surrendered - Rawiri Waititi

Waikeria prisoners who set more fires overnight while threatening officials and throwing debris from the rooftop they were occupying have surrendered on Sunday after a standoff lasting six days, according to Māori Party co-leader Rawiri Waititi.

"As previously expressed, I have had constant contact with the whānau involved in this protest and they were adamant that they would only surrender with me present to ensure that no injury occurred to any officers or protesters," Waititi said in a statement.

"I arrived at Waikeria at 9:30am after travelling through the night at the request of the 16.

"They were ready to come down. Naturally, they were tired and hungry but still very determined to see change."

Newshub has sought confirmation from Corrections that the prisoners have surrendered.

Sixteen inmates were holding out on a rooftop of the Waikato facility protesting against their treatment and conditions behind bars.

The events unfolded on Tuesday after prisoners set fire to buildings and ripped off shower doors before making it onto the roof.

While fires started to die down on Saturday morning, Corrections confirmed more were lit overnight.

Witnesses told Newshub on Saturday night they'd heard large bangs that sounded "like something collapsing".

"I appreciate that this event is significantly distressing for the family and friends of the prisoners involved. We have no information to suggest that any of them are hurt," Corrections incident controller Jeanette Burns said on Sunday.

"We do not want the men, our staff, or other emergency services staff to be harmed," she said.

Waikeria Prison standoff: Inmates have surrendered - Rawiri Waititi
Photo credit: Newshub.
Waikeria Prison standoff: Inmates have surrendered - Rawiri Waititi
Photo credit: Newshub.

Corrections had worked closely with the police to ensure the incident was resolved without anyone being harmed, Burns said. On Saturday night, human rights organisation Amnesty International called for Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis to get involved in the standoff.

Davis had refused to visit the prison until the issue was resolved.