Water spouts into the sky as burst pipe floods Wellington street

A water main has burst in central Wellington, sending a fountain of water more than 10 metres into the air.

The Aro Street water main in Aro Valley burst on Thursday afternoon, flooding the street and dousing at least two houses.

Wellington Water is working to fix the pipe, which has since stopped gushing water dramatically through the air, and police are at the scene managing traffic.

Some nearby residents are busy sweeping water from their driveways, with one 50 metres from the ruptured pipe telling Newshub it had flooded his garage.

However many others came out to the end of their driveways to watch in amazement, with some even taking to running through the huge plume of water.

There are no reports of injuries, but locals are concerned it may take hours or even days for the water to be turned back on.

Earlier this week, a large wastewater pipe burst in another part of central Wellington, closing several roads. The burst freshwater pipe on Aro St is not believed to be related.