Why some New Zealanders experienced a 'one-second power cut' on Wednesday

If you were one of the New Zealanders who experienced a momentary loss of power on Wednesday night, don't worry, there is a perfectly good reason for it.

Many Kiwis appeared to notice a brief blip in their power at about 9pm, and one person posted on Reddit detailing their "one-second power cut".

"Was just watching Netflix when my TV turned itself off and immediately back on again. My social media feed is now full of people saying similar things happened to them," they said.

"I've seen as far north as Coromandel and as far south as Nelson so seems unlikely to have been a localised surge.

"Any possible explanations like a solar flare or glitch in the matrix?"

Many agreed, saying they had a "weird brief flicker" or their TV also turned off for a second.

But what really occurred on Wednesday night was a drop in voltage, Transpower communications manager Deborah Gray told Newshub. 

And while many people across the North Island experienced it, she doesn't believe it resulted in any loss of electricity to consumers.

"A circuit that had been out for maintenance was being returned to service. This is a manual process that involves many steps," she said.

"One step was incorrectly carried out which meant the circuit tripped and voltage dropped momentarily. People will have experienced this as a momentary flicker of lights or distortion of quality."

She added this issue was resolved automatically and Transpower hasn't had any reports of problems following this.