Auckland traffic: Traffic chaos south of Auckland on the city's first day of lockdown

Motorists heading out of Auckland are facing heavy traffic throughout the city's first day of lockdown. 

Vehicles heading south of Auckland between Pokeno and Mercer have been taking over 2 hours to travel 5km, a source told Newshub on Monday.

In one video, taken at 7am on Monday, cars and heavy vehicles are seen at a halt as Kiwis from other regions and those leaving on business scramble to get out of the city.

Another source told Newshub the traffic has become worse since 3pm.

Auckland is at alert level 3, asking residents must stay at home and only leave for essential work and travel.

The rest of the country is at alert level 2, in which schools remain open but gatherings must not exceed 100 people.

Police checkpoints were set up overnight on Sunday to stop non-essential travel out of the city.

"Eight checkpoints on the outskirts of Auckland will be stopping vehicles and questioning drivers, ensuring there is no non-essential movement through the region," a police spokesperson said on Monday.

"From midnight [Sunday], anyone attempting to travel across the regional boundaries should expect to be stopped and asked for proof of essential travel."

As of 6:00pm Monday checkpoints will be at the following locations:


• SH1/Mangawhai Road (Twin Coast Discovery Highway)

• Mangawhai Road / north of Coal Hill Road

• Black Swamp, west of Rako Road

• Mangawhai Road and Cames Road

• Mangawhai Road and Ryan Road

Note: Mangawhai Road also known as Twin Coast Discovery Highway


• Mercer off ramp / Koheroa Road – (South bound traffic on SH1 and Mercy Ferry road).

• SH1 / Oram Road – (North bound traffic on SH1)

• Mangatawhiri Road / Koheroa Road / SH2 off ramp (All East and West Bound traffic)

• East Coast Road (Waharau Regional Park)

• Pukekawa-Churchill / Highway 22 and Highway 22 / Logan Road

• Tuakau Bridge-Port Waikato Road intersection with Klondyke Road