Changes to Holiday Act bring it ‘up to speed with reality' - employment law expert

Upcoming changes to the Holiday Act mean employees will be able to take sickness or bereavement leave from day one.

Employment law expert Jennifer Mills told The AM Show the changes make it "much easier" to calculate leave, as employers will be required to issue payslips so staff know what their used and remaining leave entitlements are.

"You can get annual leave from day one - you don't have the stand down period of six months."

Parents will also be paid at their full rate for holidays on returning from parental leave, and bereavement leave has been extended to cover step families and cultural obligations.

Mills says the legislation is "coming up to speed with the reality of our lives".

"Modern families have step children, step families," she said.

Workplace Relations Minister Michael Wood said he will implement all of the proposals with legislation to be introduced early next year.

"The changes put forward by the Holidays Act Taskforce will make it easier to calculate entitlements and pay, giving employees and employers certainty and transparency.

It's expected to be introduced in early 2022, to give businesses enough time to prepare for the changes.”