Christchurch earthquake: Extended emergency calls from aftermath of devastating quake revealed

February 22, 2011 was the day that brought disaster to the heart of Christchurch, the city's violent earthquake resulting in 185 deaths, thousands of injuries and the destruction of numerous buildings, landmarks, homes and livelihoods.

For the dispatchers and communications teams who worked on that fateful day, the devastation was not visible - but it was palpable. 

Now, snippets of audio from Fire and Emergency's response can be heard for the first time.

The chilling calls relayed real-time updates from those on-the-ground amid the chaos. 

"We have a fatality out here"; "Multiple building collapses, multiple persons trapped";  "Three people missing, one confirmed K41-1 [dead]".

Ten years on from the devastation, these recordings serve as a raw reminder of the day that shook a city and a nation.

Listen to the audio above.