COVID-19: Anti-racism group hits out against 'online hate' after new south Auckland community cases

A south Auckland anti-racism group is calling out "online hate" after three fresh community cases emerged in the area.

On Sunday the Ministry of Health (MoH) revealed the new cases - a mother, father, and daughter from the same household in Papatoetoe.

But after some began scapegoating south Auckland for pushing Auckland back into level 3 and New Zealand into level 2, anti-racism group For The People Aotearoa (FTPA) posted a call for the haters to be quiet.

"As Auckland heads into level 3, and Aotearoa into level 2, it's important to remember that vilifying a specific community does nothing but spread hate. The virus is already spreading, and south Auckland doesn't need your 2 cents," For The People Aotearoa (FTPA) says on Instagram.

"The online hate is unfounded. South Auckland did not create the virus; they are not spreading the virus, but are actively working towards beating it. The hood is healing itself. South Auckland has defeated this virus not once, but twice before, and they will do it again because that's what a community does - it heals together."

FTPA urges the community to get tested and keep up to date with government announcements and press conferences.⠀

"Stay safe, be vigilant," it adds.

Others have spoken up on social media in defence of south Auckland.

"It is the people of South Auckland who work in our factories and distribution facilities that touch the border. That is why most outbreaks are from here. I'm not a fan at all of racial or economic profiling," Kingi Snelgar posted to Twitter.

"Anyone out here blaming south Auckland better be ready to catch a case of these hands," another added.

Last year's lockdown also saw abuse and misinformation targeting south Auckland - including a rumour spread on social media that the outbreak was due to a young woman infiltrating a quarantine facility.