COVID-19: Mark Richardson, Amanda Gillies get tested after visiting location of interest

Mark Richardson and Amanda Gillies have both tested negative for COVID-19 after the presenters visited the same location as Auckland's community cases.

On Waitangi Day, The AM Show co-hosts stopped by an establishment later identified as a location of interest by the Ministry of Health. It was announced on Sunday that three people - a mother, father and child - had tested positive for the virus in South Auckland.

As the two had visited the location within a similar timeframe as the community cases, both are considered 'casual plus' contacts. As a result, Richardson and Gillies have been isolating at home this week and were tested for the virus on Monday.

Both households have since returned negative results, the co-hosts confirmed to The AM Show on Tuesday morning.

Gillies jokingly admitted she had convinced herself she was carrying the virus after developing "phantom symptoms".

"It's a huge relief - I was starting to get phantom symptoms and had pretty much convinced myself I was going to get a positive… but this morning I got the next, negative, and we're good to go."

The AM Show also aired footage of the co-hosts receiving their respective swabs, with sports presenter Richardson proclaiming himself "a national hero".

"That's what I do for my country, I'm nothing short of a national hero," Richardson told the camera.

Host Duncan Garner quipped that Gillies' reaction had been more "thoughtful", the newsreader giving the camera a thumbs-up and declaring the test "wasn't that bad".

Richardson added that his wife, a flight attendant, had undergone multiple tests and convinced him to expect a more unpleasant experience.

"She got us all a bit wound up," he joked. "We were all a bit sweaty. But the lady did a fine job - it was just a very, very minor irritation. Nothing to be concerned or frightened about."

Gillies interjected that she had sent Richardson a comforting text message prior to the test.

"I had to text Mark and calm him down and talk him through it before he got the test - this is our 'national hero' that we're talking about - because he was so worried," she revealed.

Both presenters, who have been covered by Newshub reporters Melissa Chan-Green and Nicky Styris this week, are expected to return to The AM Show on Wednesday.