Duncan Garner: Has COVID-19 spread like wildfire or have we somehow dodged a bullet?

OPINION: Want to know how long this lockdown will go on?

On Tuesday you'll be able to join the dots - it's T-day. Sure, it's Tuesday, but for today let's call it test day. The results of the tests will reveal almost all.

It's the most crucial day for COVID-19 and this economy so far this year. It's when a huge chunk of Monday's tests come back.

Has COVID-19 spread like wildfire, or have we somehow dodged a bullet? 

Hundreds lined up for hours on Monday and the best, most encouraging news is that so far, six close contacts of the infected family have tested negative. That's crucial and hopefully an indicator of the pending results on Tuesday, especially for 30 Papatoetoe High School students deemed close contacts.

Once those results are released it will paint a real picture; are we in trouble? Or have we walked once again between the raindrops?

We might not get any announcement on Tuesday about lockdown extensions or otherwise because they'll want to get through all the results, but you'll know the answer by the test results.

If it's a limited spread, expect this short sharp lockdown to go for a bit longer, and if it's spread far and wide, prepare for weeks of what you're doing right now.

If we can't find any more positive cases, well that's good news - but you can expect a cautious stepping out of restrictions.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.