Duncan Garner: It's time for a new Auckland Harbour Bridge

OPINION: You can only throw so many rivets and screws in a bridge before it gives up.

So if the Auckland Harbour Bridge looks like a dog, sounds like a dog, and can't take more cars on it, then it's a dog. And you can't teach this old dog any new tricks. 

It's being reported that the Auckland Harbour Bridge can't be strengthened anymore. I say put it down and build a big modern proud statement bridge that says: "we can do anything".

If we don't, then traffic needs to be limited.

Some trucks could be held back. Lanes could be closed.  What does it mean for SkyPath?

I say build new if we want to be carbon neutral. At least, let us walk and cycle to work or is that 'wokester'.

This brings me to Simon Bridges. Attacking the country's top Police Officer Andrew Coster as a 'wokester' doesn't stack up.

Coster isn't some kind of cuddly teddy bear, but Bridges won't say sorry.

Just because he has good hair and speaks without a drawl doesn't mean he's hugging the crooks and singing kumbaya.

Coster refused to get into a fight but facts show under his leadership, more guns, more assets and more gang members have been nabbed than previously. 

I can't decide what's more cliched; a National Party attack on gangs or calling someone 'woke'?

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.